Climate Change and Its Impact on The Planet


If you pay attention to the news, chances are you’ve come across the term climate change, words that cause as much divisiveness as alarm. Climate change refers to modifications in weather patterns statistically measured over long time periods. These changes in the climate are monitored by collecting data from sea levels, animal and plant behaviors and polar and geological measurements. Using this information, mathematical and scientific models are created and used to project future variations. Climate change is a subject that is intricate and encompasses science, the social order and economics.

Climate change shouldn’t be confused with global warming, which specifically refers to temperature increases on earth. Climate change is caused by several factors among them naturally occurring phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, solar emissions and variations in the orbit of the earth. Current consensus, however, attributes most rapid climate change to human factors such as the use of carbon-based fuels, which result in the creation of gases that remain trapped in the earth’s atmosphere (greenhouse gases).

Data supporting climate change acceleration has been notable. According to sources such as NASA, the NOAA, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Japanese Meteorological Agency, this data includes rising temperatures, rising sea levels, shrinking of the polar ice caps, increased ocean acidity and intense and more frequent and significant weather incidents such as hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis.

Tackling climate change has taken on global momentum. Efforts are underway by governments and agencies to educate the public on the use of energy sources to reduce and steady greenhouse gases. There are also efforts to inform the public on adaptation to climate change, such as emergency preparedness measures. In any case, climate change will remain a complicated issue that will impact life on earth for generations to come.

The Kitchen is important

The kitchen in our homes is a very important place where we can start a change on how to use resources to prevent climate change. Think about the water for example, just start making proper use of it and I’ll assure you that that will be the starting point in you about climate change. Another think you can do in your kitchen is not to use many electric things, even the best electric knife sharpener can consume too much electricity when using it.

If you want to know more about climate change and its impact on the whole planet, you can visit this site.