Desperation time: TEAM Unity taps actor Cesar Montano

In basketball, it’s called a crunch time situation: you’re the home team, and inbounding. Down by two after leading most of the way, and there’s only seconds left in the clock. The ref’s not on your side because of incessant flopping early in the game, and the crowd is firmly with the visiting team after your GM made so many bad trades the last few years. Your team has no overwhelming presence inside, and your treys have been bricking throughout the game. Your starters can’t hit the broad side of the barn, but you have a promising bench. Every coach has what they call after-timeout plays, often a play to get the ball to their best shooter or slasher for a quick jumper or a drive to the hoop. The safe play is to go for overtime and hope you can duke it out. The gutsy call is to go for the spectacular win, or the heartbreaking loss.

What do you do?

The administration’s TEAM unity, in replacing Leyte Governor Jericho Petilla with actor Cesar Montano, is trying for the spectacular game winner. Montano is a decorated actor, director, screenwriter, a pretty decent guitar player, and the UNESCO Philippine commissioner for culture in the arts. He is immensely popular, particularly with the masses. He’s also quite famous for his short fuse, but lists few other qualifications; par for the course in an arena growing increasingly bereft of candidates with even a modest claim to credibility.

The administration is confident, however: Presidential political adviser Gabriel Claudio remarked “we have always believed in his capability and winnability.” Montano himself was on truth serum, however, when he said “I am really glad because I was chosen to run as a candidate despite there are so many people more qualified than me.” (Philippine Star)

Indeed. Here’s a thought: stop using the electoral process as an ego booster. This goes double for even less talented celebs like Richard Gomez, and triple for morons like Pacquiao. They never listen though, continuing to equate popularity with ability and believing themselves God’s gift to the electorate. And to politicians trying desperately to hang on to power, he may very well be. Make no mistake: Pacquiao, Montano and their ilk are nothing more than puppets on Gloria’s string, nothing more than desperate measures to win over a voting population heavily against her. Even the inclusion of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III reeks of desperation, borne of GMA’s wanton display of arrogance and hubris.

I for one, while an admirer of Cesar Montano’s cinematographic achievements (not the least of which is getting it on with Sunshine Cruz :D), would be mortified to see yet another actor with nothing to offer in the Senate. Particularly when said actor will be depending on the country’s coffers for his campaign: when asked where who will finance his campaign, Montano mentioned that it will partly be paid for by the administration. The same administration thatpilfered PHP728 Million from the fertilizer funds that were supposed to go to farmers but instead spent it on Gloria’s re-election campaign. As curious as I am as to the identity of the next Garci, I wonder who the next Joc Joc Bolante will be. Because while Gloria may or may not watch much WWE, she does embody everything the late great Eddie Guerrero would say: she lies, she cheats, she steals. Only the former wrestler was hilariously open about it. GMA would just make you disappear if you said it loud enough.