Essential Tips On How To Keep Your Curls For A Longer Period Of Time


Despite the availability of hair stylers, tongs and rollers, a majority women still struggle to maintain curls for a longer period. But there are several things that you can do to make your waves last much longer. If you are one of those struggling ladies, then here are handy tips to follow, if you want to attain long-lasting curls.

Give Your Curls More Time To Cool

One of the main ways curls are created, is when hair is wrapped around hot rollers, tongs or other hot tools. When heat is transferred onto your hair, it causes a change in the structure of your hair. As a result, letting your hair cool for 10 to 15 minutes is recommended, as it helps your hair retain curls for a much longer time. But if you want your curls to last twice as much, then letting the rollers cool for a couple of hours highly advised.

Enhance Your Curls with Quality Hair Products

Many will agree that curls aren’t natural among most women. If you are one of those women with naturally straight hair, then you need a bit of help from various curl-enhancers. Because your hair needs all the push it needs to yield beautiful, and bouncy curls that last for a longer period. By using different tools like a heat protector, a curl enhancing mousse, and liquid spray, your hair will last longer. Such products are made with the intention of helping hair retain curls for more extended periods. It’s, therefore, critical that you invest your budget in such hair products. There is a website called Hair Spray Guide, there you will find the best hairspray for curls, have a look there.

Consider Cutting Your Hair

Long or thick hair could be the main reason why your curls aren’t holding up much longer. Long hair is heavy, which makes it difficult for curls to stay a bit longer. While you may achieve some curls for a short time, your long hair will just fall flat after a brief period. Experts advise that long hair should be cut, starting with front layers. If you don’t want to cut your hair, then consider speaking with a hair stylist for an alternative solution.

If you follow all the above tips, then your hair should form long lasting curls. However, it takes practice to perfect the tips mentioned above, So don’t be discouraged, if you fail the first or the second time. You can always talk to a hair stylist near you, to find out why your curls aren’t holding up for much longer.